Rural and Urban Orphans Care Organisation (RUUOCAO)


P.O. Box 197
17 Songea-Ruvuma
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Ansprechpartner: Jackson Mwingira


The Rural and Urban Orphans Care Organization (RUUOCAO) is a Tanzanian NGO established in 2010 with registration number of 00NGO/00007398. Registered under Non-Governmental Organization act, 2002 under section 12(2) of Act No.24 of 2002, under ministry of Health and Social affairs that care rural orphans, prevent HIV/AIDS spread, giving HIV/AIDS and sex education; promote sustainable development in the community and quality education to the students. RUUOCAO works on sensitizing the public in regard to care for orphans.

RUUOCAO normally empowers the community members particularly girls at the grass root level in the identification of their problems through meetings, workshops and various training sessions.

Our vision is to become a dynamic organization in delivery provision of services of orphans in rural and urban areas. We help them to send them to school so that they may get education. We give sex and HIV/AIDS education in various schools in Songea which are in rural areas where we have formed HIV/AIDS and sex clubs.

The mission statement is to strengthen orphans and vulnerable girls through training and fight against all violence, discrimination, stigmatization and oppression that increase marginalization and girls´ poverty in Songea district, Ruvuma region. RUUOCAO commits to advocate for girls´ rights to live free of violence and get education

Our Goal
• To help rural and urban orphans materially, morally, and intellectually so as to make them grow and become responsible citizens and perform excellently so as to contribute to in development of aour country Tanzania which is in extreme poverty especially in rural areas despite we enjoy a peacefully and lovely situation.
• To provide protection to rural and urban orphans, with at least food, school requirements, clothes and even more where possible to maintain the shelters in their families so as to make community develop and the whole country at large. Or old age camps or any person in needy be provided with such required requirements too.
• To disseminate good behavior and information through training to individuals and groups on importance of caring for rural and urban orphans so as to foster rural community development.
• To work and communicate with various sponsors, (government Institutions, public and private organizations, international communities, religious institutions, various NGO´s and volunteers, statesmen, individuals internally and externally), Seek advice and donations for the sake of implementations of various projects for the needy in question.
• Advocate peace and love between rural and urban orphans and their respective families so as to maintain our peaceful milieu in our country.
• To promote and create awareness on rights of rural and urban orphans and avoids act of cruelty to rural orphans as a result to build peaceful rural and urban community.
• To encourage all citizens to obey laws as through doing so they will protect special groups on basis of legal view.
• To create awareness to rural and urban spiritual servants to mobilize their people on rural orphans care and solve all problems related to rural Orphans’ care.
• To advice and counsel rich people and the whole community to distribute part of their property to poor people, property like land, money… to rural Orphans so as they may feel good within the community.
• To advice poor people and society members how to get out of situation through provision of education.
• To educate and develop them intellectually and create social environment when we get fund.

• GIVING HIV/AIDS AND SEX EDUCATION TO RURAL MOST VULNERABLE IN SECONDARY&PRIMARY STUDENTS&PUPILS IN THEIR SCHOOLS AND OUT OF SCHOOL MVC AT GUMBIRO WARD. We will conduct semina, workshop, trainings, drama, media ways, meetings, and microfinance for giving HIV/AIDS and sex education to more than 7,200 rural most vulnerable children in secondary&primary students&pupils in 5 primary schools and 1 Secondary school found in this ward and out of school MVC found in this ward in Songea-Ruvuma.

Jackson Mwingira is the Coordinator of the Rural and Urban Orphans Care Organisation (RUUOCAO).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

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Here’s what your donations will mean:

$30 provides an orphan with a nutritious school lunch and food for her extended family for 30 days;
$45 per month furnishes a child with shelter, clean water, medical care and education for 30 days;
$500 will shelter a girl fleeing female circumcision and help send her to the safety of a boarding school and the education she needs to lead a better life;
$1000 will provide a one-year science scholarship for orphan girls with a high aptitude for math and science
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