A.H.F. - Akha Heritage Foundation

P.O. Box 6073
Salem, Oregon 97304
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Ansprechpartner: McDaniel, Matthew


Founded in 1991, the Akha Heritage Foundation is a non-profit grassroots organization, neither religiously nor politically affiliated, working in northern Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and China.We are dedicated to working in partnership with the Akha to improve their lives. The Akha Heritage Foundation seeks to defend culture, human rights and promote self determination for the Akha in what has been a very exploitive environment. We believe that the security and well-being of Akha communities must take priority over "development" by outside interests. The Akha Heritage Foundation accomplishes its goals by:

- Human Rights: Promoting the protection of human rights for the Akha people according to accepted international standards. These issues include arrest and imprisonment, murders, land rights, water rights and forced village relocations. Protecting the right of the Akha to their traditional culture and religious beliefs in contrast to western Christian hegemony.
- Health: First aid services to villages. Taking people to clinics. Arranging surgeries for things such as hernias, deformities, improperly healed injuries and internal illnesses. Transport for Dental work. Wells and Piping Systems. Protecting spring sources, laying pipes, digging wells and encasing them securely to prevent contamination.
- Water: With more than 300 Akha villages in Thailand, and very few that can show any kind of clean water, getting funds for wells is a priority. Villages forced to relocate from clean sources of water, that have never had a clean replacement source established.
- Agricultural: Donation of vegetable seeds, fruit trees, tea, and coffee. Includes issues relating to land rights, water access and forestry.
- Education: Oral Histories and Publishing. In this area we promote literacy in Akha, particularly for displaced villages. We work to record and publish oral histories and records of the Akha Traditional religion and culture as currently practiced. We work to establish a photographic, video and music archive.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff in the field of our work. We have a fair amount of experience in keeping an NGO alive in difficult conditions.


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